The Innoveox Group

The Innoveox Group – History and key figures

Each year, 477 million tonnes of toxic industrial waste are produced in the world.

This represents 68kg per person per year. Up to now, this waste has been poorly treated and barely recovered.

It is at the heart of this global environmental issue that CEO, Jean-Christophe Lépine, created the Innoveox Company in 2008 to develop and market ground-breaking technology patented by the CNRS for the definitive pollution-free treatment of organic liquid waste from the chemical, oil, health and nuclear industries.

With the creation of two subsidiaries plus the acquisition of Syneo, the Innoveox Group is resolutely pursuing its market expansion worldwide by offering an integrated and highly innovative solution to special industrial waste management and treatment issues.


Innoveox founded


Exclusive worldwide marketing rights for two CNRS patents


Contract for the provision of services with the CNRS


Commissioning of a first industrial treatment unit(1000 tonnes/yr)


Technology and commercial partnership with Air Liquide France Industrie


Qualification contract with Total E&P France


  • Signature of first long-term service contract (La Reunion)
  • Listed on stock exchange under Alternext Paris
  • Creation of Innoveox Oceania and Innoveox Canada subsidiary companies
  • Acquisition of Syneo Company assets and founding of Syneox


  • Signature of a long-term service contract (New Caledonia)
  • Signature of a long-term service contract in the dermo-cosmetics industry (France)
  • Signature of a long-term service contract with SORINCO (Canada)

Today, the Innoveox Group comprises:

  • 7 global patents protected until 2034
  • Thirty staff based in France and worldwide
  • A parent company based in Paris, Mérignac (33) and Arthez-de-Béarn (64), supported by 3 subsidiary companies (Innoveox Oceania on the island of Réunion, Innoveox Canada in Montréal and Syneox in Bordeaux)

Subsidiary companies

Innoveox Oceania

Innoveox Oceania is a subsidiary of the Innoveox Group. It was created in July 2014 and is based on the island of Reunion.

Its core business is to deliver the service contract signed with the Inter’Val Company for the definitive and pollution-free treatment of toxic industrial waste on the island of Reunion.

Buoyed by this experience and having successfully established itself on tropical island, Innoveox Oceania represents a gateway to the Mascarene market and, more generally, the African market.


Innoveox Canada 

Innoveox Canada was founded in Montreal in October 2014 to manage the Group’s market expansion in Canada and North America.

The company benefits from a commercial partnership with Canadian environmental specialist firm, Kosmos, to accelerate the marketing of its technological solutions in its target oil, chemicals and health markets.

Innoveox Canada is seeking to prioritise its development by dealing with environmental problems specific to this region such as treating oil residues from tar sands, black liquors from paper plants and toxic liquid waste from mines.

Innoveox Canada is a member of OCI, the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries.



The Nantes-based Syneo Company was founded in 2004 and specialises in the integrated design of process control systems for the ESW sector (Effluent and Solid Waste treatment in the nuclear industry). It was bought by the Innoveox Group in December 2014 and became Syneox.

Now based in Mérignac, Syneox develops innovative technology and processes tailored to the nuclear waste sector:

  • Process automation and  monitoring
  • Industrial robotics in nuclear facilities
  • 3D analysis of facilities (virtual and augmented reality)
  • Inspection imaging in non-chromatic facilities
  • Technical concreting and coating processes.

Syneox has numerous references in the French nuclear industry and provides the Group with technical expertise in micro-mechanics and automated systems. It helps it accelerate the Group’s expansion in the nuclear industry with an integrated and innovative offer ranging from site inspection to actual waste treatment.

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