Public and voluntary sectors

Club ADEME International was established in 1997 on the initiative of the ADEME and sponsored by the Government Ministries of Ecology, Industry and Foreign Trade. It represents more than one-hundred innovative French eco-companies that are active in the global sustainable development market.
This network provides support to its members by developing innovative projects and partnerships on the international stage. In connection with the ADEME and public bodies, Club ADEME International assists its members on a daily basis by offering them an array of monitoring and liaison services as well as accompanying and supporting innovation to assist their international expansion in the environmental protection and energy management sectors.

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The Aquitaine Region is a devolved local authority that operates in this region of South West France. One of its main remits is economic development.
As such, the Region provides aid to companies, coordinates development activities and promotes the region’s appeal.
The Region is very much attuned to innovation and is a pioneer in sustainable development. It has supported Innoveox’s expansion and its eco-innovation technology right from the start.

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Associations and Competitiveness Clusters

Aerospace Valley became a certified “Worldwide Cluster” in 2005 and is an association seeking to develop the competiveness of the Midi-Pyrenees & Aquitaine Aeronautics, Space and On-board Systems sector nationally, within Europe and internationally. Aerospace Valley brings together firms, research centres and institutions involved in the sector in both regions.

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Aquitaine Croissance Verte is an association created by Aquitaine Regional Council which unites the region’s manufacturers around a common value of sustainable development as a vehicle for growth.

The association seeks to provide a comprehensive offer of green Aquitaine services and products and to promote the region’s knowledge and expertise both nationally and internationally.

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The Agri-Resource Industry Competitiveness Cluster is registered French association (under the 1901 association law) which was established in 2005 and certified as a Worldwide Competitiveness Cluster. It has more than 200 members and develops industrial innovation in agri-resources through collaborative projects involving manufacturers, public research, training and the farming sector.

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Qualitropic is an official Competitiveness Cluster based on the island of Reunion and run by a registered French association (under the 1901 association law). It brings together 110 public and private sector stakeholders (mostly private companies) around tropical bioeconomics to pursue competitiveness, performance and economic development objectives.

The “OHTS Oceania” Project run in partnership with the Reunion-based firm, Inter’Val, was accredited by Qualitropic in early 2015.

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SICOS Biochimie is the representative body for the synthetic organic chemical and biochemical industry and member of the Union des Industries Chimiques (UIC). It currently has almost 60 members.

SICOS Biochimie undertakes specific activities in the sector with a constant eye on representing and promoting its members to various national, European and international organisations.

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UIC Ile-de-France is a representative body for chemical companies in the Ile-de-France region.

It ensures that the chemical industry’s collective needs are expressed and represented at regional level, particularly in areas linked to social issues and human relations, jobs and training, occupations and skills, health, safety in the workplace and environmental protection.

Innoveox CEO, Jean-Christophe Lépine, is a member of the UIC Ile-de-France management board.

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Scientific sector

The process developed and marketed by Innoveox is the fruit of 20 years of research by the CNRS, or to be more precise, one of its laboratories, the ICMCB (the Institute for Solid State Chemistry Bordeaux).

Building on the existing solid technology partnership between the CNRS and Innoveox since 2009, the National Centre for Scientific Research granted the firm full ownership rights in early 2014 for two families of patents on positive energy SCWO technology.

As part of this agreement, FIST SA, a CNRS subsidiary firm, took a 3% stake in the capital of Innoveox. It specialises in analysing and managing valorisation projects and has considerable experience in equity investment.

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The Institute for Solid State Chemistry Bordeaux is a CNRS laboratory employing 230 people in 7 research groups.

Innoveox works closely together with the group dedicated to supercritical fluids led by Doctor Cyril Aymonier who has written around 20 publications and files approximately 1 new patent each year.

This scientific and technological partnership offers the Innoveox team, in particular, unlimited access to ICMB’s research laboratories.

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Technology and commercial sector

Air Liquide France Industrie is a subsidiary company of the Air Liquide Group. It draws together all production and marketing activities for the Group’s industrial gases in France.

As part of the technology and commercial partnership signed in 2012, Air Liquide provides its knowledge and expertise in the field of very high pressure oxygen injection and in controlling advanced oxidation reactions in effluent treatment. The group also provides oxygen and oxygen handling equipment for new Innoveox facilities.

In December 2014, the two group’s Canadian subsidiary companies, in turn, signed a technology and commercial partnership contract as proof of the special links Innoveox and Air Liquide have maintained for several years now.

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The CITBA firm was created in the 1970’s and specialises in industrial pipe and boiler-making. It has considerable experience in offering complete turnkey sets of industrial piping that meet the constraints of extreme uses.

CITBA is very attentive to innovation and has supported Innoveox since its inception in manufacturing its industrial treatment units.

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In March 2014, Innoveox formalised a strategic partnership with ERAS, a multi-specialist engineering firm dedicated to the process industry, which brings together 500 expert engineers and technicians around Europe.

As such, ERAS is responsible for putting Innoveox in touch with manufacturers interested in its ground-breaking technology who are looking to recover their liquid waste as part of an environmentally responsible approach.

In addition to the technology developed by Innoveox, teams from ERAS can offer design engineering to scale-up from a pilot plant thus enabling the client to benefit from a comprehensive package.

This strategic partnership reached a new milestone in November 2014 with the opening of an ERAS office-base in the Innoveox premises at Mérignac.

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The aim of Canadian firm, Kosmos Innovation, is to identify and introduce new clean, efficient and cost-effective technology solutions for the sound management of industrial waste. It seeks to be the link between developers of innovative technology and industrial users.

In providing support to its clients to replace conventional landfill and incineration with solutions promoting the recycling of materials, Kosmos Innovation signed a partnership agreement with Innoveox Canada in October 2014 to support the subsidiary company in its market expansion.

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Sichuan Huafamei Entreprise Co. Ltd is a Chinese subsidiary company of Safic Alcan, a leading group in the worldwide distribution of chemical products. The firm has a network of raw material suppliers in China that want to improve their responses to deal with new government-imposed environmental requirements.

In May 2015, Innoveox signed an exclusive representation contract in China with Sichuan Huafamei Entreprise Co. Ltd. As part of this agreement, the company will conduct market research in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

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