Innoveox is pursuing a continuous development approach for processes to meet the growing needs in treatment and recovery.

In this context, the CNRS, in particular, has been working on R&D programmes to treat other complex waste in the future:

  • Photovoltaic waste: recycling photovoltaic panels (ISOCEL)
  • Biomass: recovering polluted biomass (GREENLAND)
  • Composite materials: treating end-of-life composite materials (consortium currently being defined)

Work is also being carried out to complete Innoveox’s energy recovery offer for its clients. In 2014, Innoveox also took a decisive step by successfully conducting tests on ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) modules supplied by a partner for a unit operating at less than 3m3/h. Innoveox will eventually complete its service offer to manufacturers with several potential forms of energy such as thermal and electric.