Every day, chemical plants manufacture a large number of products that must meet specific quality criteria. Their activities are becoming increasingly complex and combine environmental impacts, water and energy needs, competitivity, cost savings, quality levels, certificates and authorisations. As a result, they are constantly looking for solutions that are flexible, reliable and sustainable.

By using innovative, sustainable solutions dedicated to each industrial site, Innoveox (a member of the UIC and SICOS) provides services and support required to strengthen a company’s image, optimise its manufacturing sites, reduce overall operating costs and protect its industrial tools. These are advantages that help companies meet their customer commitments.

Application examples:

  • Polymer chemistry (water from esterification and polyamide processes)
  • Phytosanitary sector

Water management is a prime concern for the pharmaceutical industry. The Innoveox solution is to recover large quantities of water to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers treat hazardous industrial waste.  As well as reducing overall operating costs, Innoveox also helps protect industrial tools in a lasting way.

Application examples:

  • UFRs (Ultra-filtration retentates from fermentation broths)

Application examples:

  • water for cleaning tanks (shampoos, etc.)
  • production waste
  • cleaning solvents (perfumery)

There are considerable flows and piping operations in the petrochemical, gas and oil industry. They transport a large number of, occasionally hazardous, waste products that pass through large and complex chemical units.
Given the size of these industrial sites, most of these units operate continuously (as opposed to batch operations) for varying periods (months or years).
These high capacity industries are on the lookout for solutions that optimise and improve processes.  They have significant, sometimes critical, energy and water requirements. Adding Innoveox technology offers them numerous competitive, and perfectly safe, advantages.

Oil & Gas

Application examples:

  • oil residues
  • Amines used to scrub acid gases (DEA)
  • alcohol-based effluents

Power stations

Application examples:

  • Turbine drip pans


Application examples:

  • leachates