Our Technology

Innoveox brings a revolutionary technology to the problem of waste management: Supercritical Water Oxidation. This guarantees clean treatment of organic waste with a 99.99% effectiveness rate.


Treatment of wastewater, pesticides, hazardous waste. . . Discover the Innoveox process!

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Our Solutions

Every case is unique. Innoveox provides services to companies and communities that require sustainable solutions adapted to their specific needs.

Sustainable solutions

Discover innovative solutions that meet the needs of various industries.

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Customized solutions

Your company's priorities are unique. Ask for solutions tailored specially to your needs.

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CNRS Patents

Innoveox has been granted an exclusive worldwide license for the patents held by France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the global leader in R&D for Supercritical Water Oxidation!

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Our Partners




Health and Safety at the workplace are fundamental Innoveox values.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Innoveox provides an eco-friendly solution for the treatment of hazardous and complex waste.


Innoveox offers sustainable solutions to a chemical industry subject to specific and rigorous standards.


In addition to crucial water management, Innoveox allows for reduced operating costs.